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What kind of tools are needed for CNC router?

Different types of cutting tools are required for different processes of plate furniture processing using   CNC router:

I. Main categories of cutting tools and materials suitable for processing:

1. Flat tool: This is a common tool.Suitable for small precision relief processing, carving product edge smooth and beautiful.It takes a lot of time to deal with large reliefs.

2, straight tool: straight tool is also a common type, often used for CNC cutting, engraving big characters.The edge of the processed material is straight, usually used for carving PVC, particleboard, etc.

3, milling cutter: milling cutter can be carved out of different shapes according to the shape.For example, double-edged spiral milling cutters are used for processing acrylic and MEDIUM density fiberboard, while single-edged spiral ball milling cutters are used for processing in large depth relief of cork, medium density fiberboard, solid wood, acrylic and other materials.


Wood is the main material of woodworking cutting, wood is mainly composed of solid wood and wood composites, wood can be divided into soft material, hard material and modified wood, wood composite materials including veneer, plywood, particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), high density fiberboard, hardboard, tile board, rubber composites, etc., also some wood or wood composites part adopts single side or double side veneer processing.

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